Perfectly Puddledub

September 2nd, 2007 Fay

How’s this for appetite?

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A father and son took a 600 mile round trip from Cambridgeshire to Scotland last December to bring home the perfect Christmas Day breakfast. They found the black pudding in the Highlands but the bacon came from Clentrie Farm in Auchtertool.

FEAST didn’t have so far to go: just a shortish walk to Edinburghtommitchell Farmers’ Market to find Puddledub Pork who kindly donated some of their finest for our dim sum filming session. But Tom Mitchell (on the right), who runs the family farm business in West Fife, was amused to hear this – true – story (which we found thanks to Googling the words Tom, Mitchell and Clentrie and with a click here it is). It adds to his already impressive reputation for producing the best bacon in Scotland.

For Tom, who is chair of Fife Farmers’ Markets, small-scale farming offers a chance to concentrate on quality at a time when people are increasingly interested in where food comes from and how it is produced.

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“A few years ago the food industry was in a terrible state and farmers were going bust, we simply couldn’t compete with cheap competition from abroad.”

Puddledub specialise in fresh pork, bacon and sausages though Tom says he also has Chinese customers who want not just belly but trotters and ears, “the bits and pieces we tend to waste.” [Editor says we’ll be asking Eric Wun the chef how he cooks those].

Farmers’ Markets offer the choice of good local food but they still have to compete with the relentless marketing power of supermarkets.

So Tom likes the idea of events such as FEAST adding live music to the fun of the food market. “I often think we are not so much in the food business as the entertainment business,” he says, “A lot of people see going to the Farmers’ Market as something to do on Saturdays, a place to be sociable and meet friends.”

You can find Puddledub Pork at Farmers’ Markets throughout the Central Belt every weekend and at Edinburgh Farmers Market on first and third Saturdays of the month. More on the Puddledub website.

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