Quarrelling Ducks

August 28th, 2007 Tommy

Feast Rehearsal
Last Friday we finally managed to get everyone together for a FEAST rehearsal.

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FOUND were a bit apprehensive as Kimho had sent us mp3s of traditional Chinese percussion pieces he wanted us to learn. We had listened to them and decided they would be a little too difficult in the time we had available but Kimho assured us that he had managed to teach one of the songs to a class of primary school children in under an hour. Uh oh, I thought . . . he’s going to find out our ability level is slightly lower than primary school kids!

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Kimho arrived at the FOUND HQ last Friday laden down with bags full of Chinese percussion: he’d brought with him all manner of Chinese cymbals, gongs and wood blocks plus a large wok which is also to be hit. He then set about teaching us ‘Quarreling Ducks’ a piece in which Kev takes on the role of Big Duck, Bobby and Kimho are Small Ducks and Ziggy and I hold down the rhythm (because it’s by far the easiest part!)

We’ve put together a 30 minute set which includes the ‘Quarreling Ducks’, plus music based on the material we gathered at the dim sum evening at Out Of The Blue, a piece from Kimho Ip and Filip Davidse’s brand new album for yang chin and saxophone Runaway Horses and one piece from our forthcoming album. We’re looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather will hold and it will stay dry.

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